Layout.html Location in Win10

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Layout.html Location in Win10

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Hey @Raimond,

Is there a special trick to get the layout.html to generate, other than downloading a new story?

I had to get a new laptop, and damned if I can find the little bastard. I've tried the C:\users\<username>\appData... and the actual directory in the programs folder. Hell I've done a full diskwide search for "layout.html" on C:\... and it's damned and determined to stay hidden.

What's the secret handshake? At the end of my wits, here.

Thank you for your time and attention.


The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: layout.
You must specify at least one word to search for. Each word must consist of at least 3 characters and must not contain more than 14 characters excluding wildcards.
Raimond wrote: Sun 30. Aug 2015, 20:56 Hi,

Basically, the layout file is (currently) created after the first story download. The intended(!) target is the same directory that FFDL is installed to.
Seems like Applications aren't allowed to write in this directory anymore if they are started with normal user rights.
So instead windows redirect the write and read path somewhere to C:\users\<username>\appData......
Look there for layout.html
In the future, I plan for a layout folder where you can place several layouts and select one for the story, maybe even an editor of some kind.
The double mention of "*Chapter 1: Chapter1" happens if an author sets the chaptername to "chapter 1".

I've added the star (asterix) so that you can search for "*Chapter x" if you want to go to a specific chapter. Don't know if anyone uses it, but I use this quiet often.

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