Prior .sqlite (0.j) databases read as if empty (Answered)

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Prior .sqlite (0.j) databases read as if empty (Answered)

Post by Nadrek » Sat 4. Jun 2011, 03:55

When I, as I did with the 0. series, simply copy my prior ffdl2.sqlite file (config table shows DB version 2), and then go into the 0.3.1 menu and select Menu, Downloadhistory, none of the ~400 entries I actually had were there.

I do note that the table "stories", field lastupdated, the data format has changed.

The 0.j, V2 database:

The 0.3.1 database, I'm not sure what the format is:

How can I get my old stories into my new database?

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Re: Prior .sqlite (0.j) databases read as if empty

Post by Raimond » Fri 10. Jun 2011, 06:47


This feature was officially introduced with 0.1.0
Every functionallity before was for testing only.

0.1.0 Drops the old story database because there were unresolvable problems. The changed date is called UNIX time and is not the reason for the incompatibility.

With the older version (0.0.a-0.0.j) the storylink entered by the user was saved in the database. So it was possible to enter the same story multiple times if you'd start downloading one time with the link to chapter#1 and another time with chapter numer 33...

If you'd copy the old entries to the new database (for example then it'd create a new entry with
So checking for updated would create a second entry of the same story.

The correct way to enter your old list into the new one is to download the story again.


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