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New plugin help

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I'm attempting to write a new plugin to download from and I'm running into a few issues:

1. The link in the sticky on this forum appears to be down. I checked around and found the 0.4 version of the plugin helper, so I've been using that to test.
2. I took one of the existing plugins and rewrote it to grab the correct info for When I test in the 0.4 version of the plugin helper, I get the data back and everything seems good. When I drop the plugin script into the plugins folder and run FFDL 0.8.12, I input the URL and click Check and the form gets disabled but nothing ever returns. Is there a different method of installing plugins? (I'm figuring that the analyseLink function gets called on each script, and whichever returns a value is the script that gets to handle that site, correct?)

Thanks for your time.
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Re: New plugin help

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If the form gets disabled and nothing returns, that is a sign for an error in your js-file. Check for missing semicolons and invalid regex. Use or a similar tool to test your regex!

Edit: Dropping the script into the plugins-directory is enough to enable the extension. You don't even need to restart the application after copying the script.
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