Extra code in downloads over the last few days

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Re: Extra code in downloads over the last few days

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I realy do love the work you're doim' with the "new" FF-Downloader, but as I've mentioned before during my first tests with the new version (2nd or 3rd available) the RTF formation is still terrible.
That's one of the reasons I'm still using the 4.06 and of course the option, to download a story in parts.
Maybe you could find it in your heart (and you scedule of course) to tweak the 4.06 again so that the "socioal network" parts are no longer within the story.
If not, I'll understand and erase them manually and hope you'll get a grip on the RTRF-formating in the new version.
BTW. I realy like the idea behind the FireFox plugin, but alas there is the format problem again.
Kind Regards
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