Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

What's happening?
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Re: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

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Here's my Calibre conversion settings for "Look and Feel." Note I just stick with EPUB--that's what my Sony Reader likes.


I circled the check boxes I find of use. You can make these your defaults through Preferences.

1. Remove spaces between paragraphs. That gives it the indent.

2. Smarten punctuation. Personal preference to give me pretty quote marks, etc.
3. Transcode unicode characters to ASCII. I've had to use it once before because characters used in a file confused my reader. ... was showing up on my reader as .?.?.? The file still had some issues, but it was readable. I haven't run into this issue with files generated by ffdl.

Before you convert, make sure you delete the cover from Calibre or upon conversion it inserts a jpg of the first page.
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Re: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

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Thanks Pooka. With those settings it still indents the categories on the cover page (title, link, etc.), but it's not a big deal. I'll live with it. :) I also select "insert blank line" as i like the way it creates a slight paragraph distinction, but less so than the block format. Actually I think it may create a slightly bigger gap in epubs than in mobi's. Calibre can be a bit fickle. :)

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Re: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

Post by Medico69 »

Raimond wrote:Hi,

I've changed the naming to "Downloaded Revision" and "Current Revision"
If there's a difference then it'll be bold.
I took the quick'nDirty way for the date...And then I've even mixed it with the german way to display a date. I'll think about it. I hope nobody kills me if I delete the saved history table.

I just got bored with the update-script and now I'm playing with a way to modify the "look and feel" of the stored files....

Hey Rai,
Do I understand you that you disabled the history and update function? If so no biggie just wanted to make sure I understand what you wrote. The history function would be nice (as would be the update function). Is there any way to get the program to "read" in the older stories that have already been DL'd by a previous verson (0.0.0.J)?

Thanks for a great program,
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Re: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

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Hi Medico69,

I'm only talking about the entries, not the feature itself.
And even that's not going to happen.

I've changed the stored date format so every updatedate for stories downloaded with 0.1.0 will show as 1.1.1970. To "fix"this you only have to reload the story with version 0.2.0

It's not possible to read the infos for downloads done with previous versions like 0.0.0.j

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