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Post by hi5kba » Mon 20. Feb 2012, 11:54

hey all I'm trying to create simler program to this downloader in C++
First off im not trying rip or steal richmonds program

i want to create a program that would take a FF.net url
create a story folder (basically fic name, site ID, author and story status(ie. In/Complete)
then to output the summary and chapters to different .txt files within.
it should look like
Chapter 1.txt
Chapter 2.txt
and so forth

IF you can help email me at hi5kba@googlemail.com
if Im asking to much either email me and i'll remove this or a admin
if anyone knows how to read links from list in a txt file that would help too

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Re: C++

Post by Raimond » Thu 23. Feb 2012, 15:21


my name is Raimond, not Richmonds...

What you are asking is very simple. But it sound's like you've never programmed before. So I'd suggest using a scripting lanuage like "AutoHotKey" (or AutoIt). That's more than enough for your request and much easier.

What you'd have to do:
1. Open the file, do a loop over the links
2. execute a http request with the link.
3. analyse the result for storyname, author, and storyid
4. create the folder
5. do a loop with the number of chapters
6. doenload and save each chapter

you also need to write a html to .txt parser....


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