FFNet Chapter body problem 9.5

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FFNet Chapter body problem 9.5

Post by aspen28570 » Sat 25. Jun 2022, 22:03

For some reason the downloader will randomly skip chapter body text, it will have have multple chapters headings back to back with no body, but only randomly.

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

and so on. and it will change what chapter bodies it skips on redownload.

Win 10 32 bit
Admin and non admin rights (does it with both)
wireless (and stable)

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Re: FFNet Chapter body problem 9.5

Post by comicbookfan » Sat 2. Jul 2022, 17:38

I am seeing the same problem on many ff.net downloads.
Tried it on 2 different pc's, same thing.
Tried reinstalling fanficdownloader, same thing.
A re-download of the story may result in different chapter bodies being dropped, the same chapter bodies being dropped, sometimes all chapter bodies being dropped.
I tried using pauses of 3-9 seconds between chapter downloads in the configuration. Did not help.
All likely due to ff.nets dod protection issues

Here are two fics where it happened:

Question: if trying to reinstall, how do I wipe all traces of previous installs? Configuration settings keep coming back and I wasn't sure if any problems might come with them.

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Re: FFNet Chapter body problem 9.5

Post by AussieColin » Wed 20. Jul 2022, 07:48

I'm having the same problem. I went back to version 9.4 because 9.5 was popping up a window for every chapter as it downloaded them. However 9.4 showed the problem above of having chapter headings with no body to them.
Going back to 9.5 did not help with this problem - I just hadn't noticed it because I uninstalled as soon as the popups appeared. It's clearly being caused by the use of CloudFlare and the captcha software and not a bug, but PLEASE fix it if you can. Although the popup windows are irritating, the missing chapters is not an issue that can be just ignored - it has made the software almost useless. That's terribly disappointing when it's been such a great utility for so many years. :-(

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Re: FFNet Chapter body problem 9.5

Post by Hexatona » Thu 21. Jul 2022, 16:39

I recommend taking a slower approach to downloading.

First, use check, and not check and download.

Second, in the configuration, set the Delay and Random timers to 20 seconds.

This should get you all the way there, but, in the off chance that it doesn't stop the cloudflare hiccups (you should definitely get way less), just redo the chapters that are missing and edit them in with notepad++ or something.

Yes, it's a ton slower, but it works, and that's really what matters.

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Re: FFNet Chapter body problem 9.5

Post by Gleam » Tue 26. Jul 2022, 18:15

I had the same problems (empty chapter's body and pop ups) after updating to 9.5. But after uninstalling FFDL (with deletion of folders in Program Files and AppData) and reboot, then installing 9.4, both problems seems to disappear. Although I use 5 sec constant + 5 sec variable delay timers for downloading and .html output format. Windows 10 x64.

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