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Posted: Sun 22. Jul 2012, 19:28
by Raimond
Script by Elusive

Actual version: 1.3
Status: Will be released with FFDL version 0.7

Part of FanFictionDownloader since: --

Download of the current version for testing&improving: ...


Posted: Thu 26. Jul 2012, 17:57
by RedneckDrow
Currently the script works on all stories, but sometimes the downloader fails to recognize the plugin.


Posted: Mon 6. Aug 2012, 17:03
by RedneckDrow
Now it isn't recognizing any links as of today. I don't think the downloader is acknowledging either plugin as a matter of fact.


Posted: Thu 9. Aug 2012, 23:49
by Raimond

I can't confirm your problems with the plugin, it's working fine for me.

the newest version of the plugin is published with the PluginCreationHelper 0.5, you could use this to test it.

Or download this version: ...

I've included the information about rating, authorlink and genre with version 1.3



Posted: Sat 18. Aug 2012, 22:46
by RedneckDrow
Rai, you're a miracle worker! Thanks, I can report that the plugin works on Linux Mint 13 (Maya) 64 bit with x86 libraries installed. :D


Posted: Fri 19. Oct 2012, 18:35
by guppieman
Just letting you know that I put the plugin in the fanfictiondownload plugin folder and everything is working fine. Didn't work at first and showed download chapter 1 to 0 after checking the story link. Jumped in my browser and clicked the table of contents link, then re-clicked the first chapter. After I did this I rechecked the story link and it loaded everything fine. I believe this has something to do with the 18+ checker the website uses.

I use Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Firefox, no live antivirus, and am in the US. Don't know if any of this info helps but thought that I could show my appreciation by giving a little feedback.