Version 0.3.2 Corrections

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Version 0.3.2 Corrections

Post by Sekky » Sat 30. Jul 2011, 05:50


Here are a few corrections for FFdownloader.

There are a couple of places where you are missing spaces.
"Textdokument (.txt.)" should be "Text Document (.txt)".

In the about page, "damagesarising" should be "damages arising", and "programicon" should be "Program icon".

In the debug window, "progreaminformations:" should be "Program Information:"

In the introduction message:

"Computer" should not be capitalized in the second sentence.

"Coke" should not be capitalized in the fourth sentence.

"information" should be "pieces of information"

The fourth and fifth sentences should be joined. Taking into account the above corrections, it should look like this:
"I don't need coke since I'm a computer program, but I require two pieces of information to do my work properly."

In the last sentence:
"klick" should be "click"
"Configutaion" should be "Configuration"

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Re: Version 0.3.2 Corrections

Post by Raimond » Sun 7. Aug 2011, 17:16


Thank you


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