Margins on PDF - Output (Closed)

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Margins on PDF - Output (Closed)

Post by Cheeky » Tue 18. Oct 2011, 11:43


When I download from both Twilighted and Fanfiction.Net and the Output Format is selected as PDF - the margins have changed from the previous version of the downloader (which by the way the margins on the previous downloader were perfect!) now the left and right margins are very small and there is no top and bottom margins - the text starts at the very top of the page and finishes at the very bottom of the page (except for the first page which has a very small margin). It's very hard when you need to print it out because the bottom and top lines are cut off, not to mention reading on either a laptop or tablet is very difficult as well. (I prefer to the output to be PDF as I don't like reading from Ebook.) I was just wondering if anyone knows if there's possibly a way to adjust the margins back to the way they were in the previous downloader or if not could the next version of the downloader please have the old margins restored, because it was so much more reader friendly.

Well I hope someone can help. And thanks for such a great downloader! :)


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Re: Margins on PDF - Output

Post by Raimond » Tue 18. Oct 2011, 20:22

Hi Cheeky,

you can't compare the "old" 4.x version and the "new" 0.4.1. The whole program is totally different.

The old was written to convert books from to rtf. Every other feature was a "quick'n dirty" feature.

That's the reason why I spend last summer to redo everything. The new version only creates html files which are converted by using Calibre.

The PDF Margin Problem is a Calibre book that has been know for more than 6 month by now (fo example here: ... p?t=119812 )

So there's nothing for me to do as long as they don't fix it.....


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