program stalls

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program stalls

Post by mannd1068 » Mon 16. May 2011, 03:31

THe first time I used the newest program it stalled at 50%, this time it stalled at 93%. I am trying to download from

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Re: program stalls

Post by RedneckDrow » Mon 16. May 2011, 13:51

I've had the same problem when a story has a lot of chapters.

Test Link: Warning, 413 chapters, 600,000+ words.

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Re: program stalls

Post by Raimond » Wed 18. May 2011, 19:47


If the story is VERY long then it can take some time.
I've tried it today on an old Netbook (Atom 1,6Ghz, 1GB Ram) and a 100.000 word, 40 chapter story took 4 minutes as pdf
On my normal computer it's around 30 seconds

If you don't get an outputfile: Try to run the program as admin
If you get a .html file but not the format that you've wanted: You didn't configure the downloader correctly.


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