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Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Thu 23. Feb 2012, 15:17
by Raimond
Hi everyone,

the extraction of the FanFiction.Net summary stoped working today.
I've fixed it with the new version 0.5.1

There's also a new, experimental feature in this version:
It'll display the story status (Complete/In Progress) on the first page of a downloaded story.
(onyl for stories downloaded from, for every other page it displays "unknown").

There are two ways to 'enable' this feature:
1. delete the layout.html file in the fanfictiondownloader folder. A new one with the new option is created automaticalle with the next download.
2. Modify the layout.html file and playe %storystatus wherever you want this information displayed.


Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Fri 24. Feb 2012, 02:29
by bahnannah
thx rai. it works with both and you're a rockstar! :D

Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Sat 25. Feb 2012, 11:57
by rpmy2k
Hi Rai,

I found a possible bug in v0.5.1:
I'm using ePUBReader with Firefox, and since updating to v0.5.1, the catalog of the reader shows the author as 'Unknown', although when looking at the metadata, it does list the author.
The previous versions of FanFictionDownloader did not have this problem and the reader hasn't been updated since using 0.5.0, hence the possible bug report.

Best regards,

Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Sat 25. Feb 2012, 12:27
by rpmy2k

Don't know if it helps or not, but in the file 'content.opf' I now find:

<dc:creator opf:file-as="Unknown" opf:role="aut">DisobedienceWriter</dc:creator>

whereas previously it would not contain 'opf:file-as':

<dc:creator opf:role="aut">fringeperson</dc:creator>

Best regards,

Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Thu 12. Apr 2012, 15:05
by Raimond
Hi rpmy2k,

sry that it took so long to answer.
FFDL only creates a html file and then calls callibre to convert it in your output format. It looks like the calibreteam changed something so that this problem occures for your reader software.
There are three ways for you to "fix" it:
1. use an onler version of calibre
2. try the newest version of calibre
3. ask the readerdeveloper to fix the problem

I can't help you since all I'm doing is using the calibreoption --authors=\""+ book->getAuthor() +"\" to submit this information.


Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Sat 21. Apr 2012, 14:42
by Raimond
Here's a new testversion for you: ... .php?id=20

New Page: (Plugin by BitPoet)
New Page:
New Feature: Plugin Interface
New Feature: Complete/In Progress for some pages
Fix: FanFicAuthors.Net
Fix: Authorname (Rev. 35)
Fix: Missing chapters for FicWad

Please delete the existing layout.html file if you want to use the "Story Status" feature in your output. (or modify it)


Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Fri 25. May 2012, 11:30
by Raimond

ok, technically it's not a new version. I've found a way to "fix" the pdf Problems - by writing my own conversion function.
That's the result:

What do you think?


Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Wed 6. Jun 2012, 17:33
by RedneckDrow
Far better than Calibre's built in version, but I'll stick to using HTML output as is my usual format.

Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Sun 5. Aug 2012, 22:21
by Raimond

here's a new testversion: ... .php?id=20

New Feature: Rating, AuthorLink, Genre
Changed: %author renamed to %authorname in layout.html file
Fix: FanFiction.Net (Date/Status)
Fix: FictionPress.Com (Date/Status)
Fix: Category for
Removed: Configuration of Calibrepath (not needed anymore)

New tags for layout.html:
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Re: Tester for next version

Posted: Sun 16. Dec 2012, 21:47
by Raimond
Hi everyone,

it's been a long time, but here's the next test version: ... .php?id=20

Nearly 50% of the code was changed, so please test if downloading, configuration, read from file.... is still working.
(The supported pages weren't changed, so no need to test this)

Changed code parts:
- Whole configuration/settings management
- 70% of the internal program communication
- Old download history was removed
- Old database code removed
- Internal structure of GUI elements changed

These changes were required in preparation for the "Download History" feature.
So if there are no bugs, then the next test version will include the new "Download History" to check if a story that you've downloaded in the past was updated by the author.
Thanks a lot to Serge for writing a new (and this time working) database class.

No promise, but (maybe) the "Download History" will be my (late) Christmas present to you.

Reminder: Send me an email if you are still waiting that I'm enabling your board account (at the moment there are 20-30 spam registrations per day)