Where can I download 4.0.5?

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Where can I download 4.0.5?

Post by fanficjunkie » Tue 1. Feb 2011, 02:46

I tried the new version 0.0.j and really prefer the old format with the 4.0.x series. I have 4.0.6 downloaded on my computer right now and it's got the extra code that I have seen some others post about. I have also seen Raimond's posts about version 4.0.5 working now but can't find that version online to download. Can someone point me in the right direction to a 4.0.5 download?

Thank you!

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Re: Where can I download 4.0.5?

Post by klutzangel » Fri 18. Feb 2011, 14:31

I'm having the same problem...I tried the new version (0.0.j) but Its not suitable for me, I'm having trouble using it. So, please where can I find the 4.0.5 version?

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