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by Raimond
Sat 20. Nov 2010, 17:51
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Requests collection
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Requests collection

Pages: - Features - Rating - Authorlink adden - (insert-link in book übertragen) - Single file per chapter for html downloads - Genre (Drama/Friendship) - (Characters??) - Proxy - Output File Name: Option to create subfolders - Download C2 Groupd ( - Download all stories of an author(
by Raimond
Sat 20. Nov 2010, 17:30
Forum: Language problems
Topic: Ver. 0.0.i
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Re: Ver. 0.0.i


yes I've asked for it. Errors are fixed, wait for the new version.
:oops: :oops: :oops:

by Raimond
Sat 20. Nov 2010, 14:39
Forum: News
Topic: New Board
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New Board

I've used the Google group for some time now but it was never a good communication system.
I had to check every entry due to spambots and there's no good category system...

So I've decided to create a board for the FanFictionDownloader.

I hope you'll like it.