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by didi86
Mon 20. Jul 2015, 11:50
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Here is an initial version of a plugin for It is already working, but with some stories there is an issue concerning character encoding. Maybe someone on this board will have a suggenstion on how to solve that... For testing: One of the stories with broken characters is http://...
by didi86
Mon 20. Jul 2015, 10:46
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Topic: New plugin help
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Re: New plugin help

If the form gets disabled and nothing returns, that is a sign for an error in your js-file. Check for missing semicolons and invalid regex. Use or a similar tool to test your regex! Edit: Dropping the script into the plugins-directory is enough to enable the extension. You don'...
by didi86
Thu 9. Feb 2012, 01:23
Forum: Feature request
Topic: 64bit Linux version
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64bit Linux version

Would it be possible to build a 64bit Linux version? I don't like having to install a 32bit QT just for one application.