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by mannd1068
Fri 10. Jan 2014, 16:23
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Character listing
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Character listing

I saw this had been requested but not in an individual request, may we please have Character listing in the header information?

by mannd1068
Mon 23. Jan 2012, 19:14
Forum: Feature request
Topic: fiction site requested
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fiction site requested

Can you please consider

Thank you
by mannd1068
Mon 26. Dec 2011, 21:26
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Sound when complete
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Sound when complete

I loved the feature in the older versions that played a sound when the download was complete, can you please add it to the new version?
by mannd1068
Mon 16. May 2011, 03:33
Forum: Version 4.0.x
Topic: cutting off downloads 4.0.5
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cutting off downloads 4.0.5

The program is cutting off the last few words of each chapter when I am trying to download from
by mannd1068
Mon 16. May 2011, 03:31
Forum: Version 0.2.0
Topic: program stalls
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program stalls

THe first time I used the newest program it stalled at 50%, this time it stalled at 93%. I am trying to download from