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by JaeBee
Sun 11. Apr 2021, 07:53
Forum: Language problems
Topic: Typo (0.9.4)
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Typo (0.9.4)

Maybe someone's already said something, but in the configuration settings, "[Ask] me each time for a filename and folder" is typo'd as [Aks]. Not seeing anything else, though!
by JaeBee
Sun 11. Apr 2021, 07:48
Forum: Version 0.7.* - 0.9.*
Topic: Error code 0?
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Error code 0?

Hello, I just downloaded the program to try to save a story from, since I don't have a Kindle email and don't know how to get one. I made a folder to save my files to, but every single time I try to download and convert the chapters to PDF, I hit the same conversion error after it downloads t...