FFDL download

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FFDL download

Post by hi5kba » Thu 28. Jun 2012, 21:07

the download page for FFDL is still down...
it keeps on saying comeback in 60 minutes
I haven't been able to download any of the updated FFDLs All day. is this meant be happening or is version 6.6 up.
I couldn't download versions 6.4 or 6.5

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Re: FFDL download

Post by Raimond » Thu 28. Jun 2012, 22:28


the version and downloadpage is online since 17:30 (German time zone UTC+1)
Hit the reload button or press F5

Othervise, here's the downloadlink for the windows installer: http://fanfictiondownloader.net/downloa ... r.php?id=3


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