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Blocked content?

Posted: Fri 15. Nov 2013, 13:14
by possom2009
I was looking at the change log and saw this:

Blocked content from an egoistic author from being downloaded

What author and on what site do they post?

I want to make sure it's not one I follow.

Re: Blocked content?

Posted: Fri 15. Nov 2013, 13:28
by Raimond
can't tell you the name by head and I can't access the source code from here.

It was an author of twilight fanfictions on

You'll get a rather message if you try to download this fic ;-)


Re: Blocked content?

Posted: Sat 16. Nov 2013, 18:51
by possom2009
If the fics are related to the twilight books, then I have nothing to worry about. I stay away from that crap.