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Webversion is back

Posted: Fri 27. May 2011, 06:49
by Raimond

I've enabled the webversion again.
If you enter your email address then you'll get the story attached to an email. (should be great for the amazon kindle)


Re: Webversion is back

Posted: Fri 24. Jun 2011, 16:09
by zhylosa
I use a Mac, so I am ecstatic that you have a web version, so far it works great. I have it send the files to my email and then my iPhone and iPad automatically prompt me to add to one of my eReader apps.

Thanks for putting in all the work.



Posted: Sat 11. Jan 2014, 00:41
by Hidders
Why was webversion changed to webbased version for Kindle?

I'm surprised no one has asked about it yet on the forums...

While I did use the webversion for making MOBIs for my Kindle I'm not much of a fan for sending those files directly to my Kindle via e-mail.