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Requests collection

Posted: Sat 20. Nov 2010, 17:51
by Raimond

- Rating
- Authorlink adden
- (insert-link in book ├╝bertragen)
- Single file per chapter for html downloads
- Genre (Drama/Friendship)
- (Characters??)
- Proxy
- Output File Name: Option to create subfolders
- Download C2 Groupd (
- Download all stories of an author(
- Download all favourites of an author(
- ... ?f=4&t=197

(First Storypage) Add status(complete)
Plugin interface
change beckground and text color (html file)
option to change the html background
Add category(fandom)
nonfreezing conversion (0.0.j)
possibility to change the filename (0.0.j)
added "last updated" to the index page of a story (0.0.j)
removed second chapternumber: "Chapter 17: 17. MyChaptername" (0.0.j)

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