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Download queue

Posted: Sun 9. Feb 2014, 01:23
by Ravana
Would be nice to have way to add links to list and then they get downloaded after previous one is finished. This seems like what read links from file might be, if that works, havent tried that way, but this would skip need to create new file for links, when you could just paste them to program.
Low priority anyways.

Re: Download queue

Posted: Wed 11. Jun 2014, 06:23
by sinrtb
That is exactly how the download links from file works
you just paste a link directly from browser to the file and you're done and then run the downloader. The only bad thing is it downloads all the links regardless of if they have been updated or not, so it can take a while if you don't clean out the file of completed links regularly (at least if you are like me and have every inProgress link of every abandoned FF story you have ever read in the file). I tend to run it on my home pc when i leave for work and have the downloader put them in my Dropbox folder so i can read any stories that have been updated from my phone/tablet while i am at work.

Re: Download queue

Posted: Fri 21. Jul 2017, 06:57
by Ravana
I tried it out, works decently, but one link of deleted hpfanficarchive story makes it stop.