Command line options and text file options

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Command line options and text file options

Post by sinrtb » Mon 11. Nov 2013, 17:35

I didn't see this any where in the list of upcoming features and if these have already been suggested I apologize.

if there are already command line options I apologize and would appreciate either a link or a pointer to access them. My request is pretty straight forward here just to be able call the program with a URL input (or text file for multiple links), folder output, and option for filetype. Getting file or link information (last update and story status) would also be absolutely awesome so when scripting one would be able to determine if a download is necessary or can be skipped entirely.

The download stories by text file is awesome and I use it daily. One feature that would make life easier would be to not download stories that have been downloaded already and not changed since that download would be nice. Currently all stories get downloaded regardless if there is an update or if the story has complete. It can be difficult to tell which if any have been updated. The process would also be sped up tremendously if only updated stories were downloaded.

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Re: Command line options and text file options

Post by TheLandYacht » Mon 22. Oct 2018, 19:14

I'll agree with this and expand on it a bit.

To my understanding, the "read links from file" function acts as a "full update" every time, downloading the whole story.

It would be nice if the "read links..." function had an either/or built into the function that looked for the story already existing

...and either UPDATED (if already downloaded) as needed, or FULL DOWNLOAD if the story hasn't already been downloaded, or IGNORE if no update is needed.

As an expansion of this, a function to troll the location of the fanfiction files (on your hard drive) for storylinks (within the fanfiction files themselves, it's right at the top of every file)...and uses THAT as a "read links from file" to look for updates wholesale.

Perhaps a (separate) little app/script to troll through the story files...and pull those story-links from them...into a DOWNLOAD.TXT file...that can then be fed into the "Read links from file" function in the main program?

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