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Post by Aralaiqualasse » Wed 3. Jul 2013, 19:06


I noticed that the download history still WIP.....However, there's something I want to tell you regarding that matter.

I read a lot of fiction from a variety of fandom such as sherlock holmes, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, hannibal and so on.....So, after I download the files using FFD, I have to move the files to certain location/folders for me to easier manage my files......I attached a picture capture of my files folder.....

Is it possible for the files listed in the download history automatically (tailing like a bomb tailing its target) change its location after I moved it?

Cause if I moved my files, I worry the files listed in the download history will be invalid, OR, imagine hundreds of files have new update, then all the messed will me mixed in one whole place.....dreading that one.....

Unless, there's a program exist like the bookshelves on ipad? or other program that ca help in separating those files....? I am currently have 36,682 files (files that included downloaded with FFD, and files that manually copy pasted)...that is a LOT for me to must separate it

and also, would like to request that if a NEW UPDATE available for that certain files, can you make a separate tab? As in a "all" tab for ALL the files that I ever download, and then another "update available" tab for those files that have new update, so we can know which files that we need to read.....

That's all I guess...can't wait for the good news

Thank you

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Post by tichkiir » Mon 12. Aug 2013, 09:11

Would it be possible to get in on the testing of this feature? Because it would totally be awesome!


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