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right click option

Post by comicbookfan » Tue 25. Jun 2013, 23:37

I love fanfiction downloader. I use it constantly, many thanks for sharing this program. :)

Option request: Is there a way to link or add the "check and download" button to the "right click on a link on a page (context) menu" in Internet explorer? It can be a pain (albeit minor) switching back and forth from IE to FFDL, copying the link on ff and then switching to FFdl to download it. It would be great to be able to right click on a ff link and have an option to "copy and download"

If this is already in there, how would it be accessed (for us dummies)?

Program feedback: I'm using FFDL on a Win7 PC IE 10. The only glitch I ever see in the program happens when multi tabs are opened and I switch to a new tab for a moment. It causes the copy from clipboard function to fail.

Again thanks for this program

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