Output Folder/file & Default output file format

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Output Folder/file & Default output file format

Post by Adevilsee » Thu 14. Jun 2012, 17:34

I want to first say thanks for a great program. I don't know if this has been suggested or not, i tried looking threw some of the threads.

I would like the feature to be able to have an option to output files to folders..

"\%c\%a - %s - %d" - 'sampleauthor - storyname - updated date.mobi' file is placed with in the category folder, appended to the normal output path e.g. 'C:\Fanficdownloads\{CATNAME}\sampleauthor - storyname - updated date.mobi'..

Some other features will to be allowed strings on the output, to make it even more customizable..

Oh I would also like a default for the output format, mine always seems to default back to PDF (I'm sure there a windows key to save a state of a window, but i forgot what it is :/)

Thanks again for the great application.. I started to download stories when they said they were taking stories with MA stories down :/ You're application has made it easy to grab stories for later reading :D

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Re: Output Folder/file & Default output file format

Post by Raimond » Mon 16. Jul 2012, 10:13


the output-folder name creation is on my todo list.
String in the filename are already allowed, you are free to do something like:
"Category %c storyname %s" (as long as you use only symbols that are allowed within a filename)

The output format is already saved in the windows registry
The stored format/path is working for 99,9% of all users, but for some it's not working. I don't know why, so if you know the reason feel free to tell me about it.


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