Download queue?

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Download queue?

Post by ypatt » Sat 17. Mar 2012, 14:10

[I had submitted a different post but then scrolled through the older posts, only to see one already on a download queue! But it hasn't been updated since August so thought I'd start a new one...]

I would also love a download queue. I wouldn't mind if it didn't concurrently download or even if I had to copy each link. I don't like the idea of saving them into a separate text file though... what I envisioned was maybe another tab added to the downloader tool. Right now, when I copy a link, it automatically populates the storylink field. If I copy a different link, it overwrites it. Is there a way to add more storylink fields (perhaps in another tab so it doesn't take up space on the main screen)? Maybe with a button next to each storylink for "download this story only" and one at the bottom or top for "download all".

I have no idea if this is any easier/harder than what the others were suggesting in the earlier thread. :S

Thanks again for all your hard work!!! FFDownloader is the best FF tool out there.

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Re: Download queue?

Post by RedneckDrow » Sun 18. Mar 2012, 22:59

Like Rai said in the original thread, that's a pretty tall order. Reading the links from a .txt file is about the best we're gonna get for now.

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Re: Download queue?

Post by Raimond » Sat 21. Apr 2012, 13:17


@Red: thanks for answering.

I'm not sure what I worte in the other thread, so maybe I'm repeating myself now:
FFDL is designed to work with a lot of different fanfiction pages. So I have to limit the ability of the main program to one thing that all of the pages have in common: Downloading a single story.
The "read Links from file" feature is basically just an automated, serial downloading quer that's exactly the same like posting link after link into the gui.

Supporting C2 groups, Storys written by a single author or author reccomendations would mean that I have to provide a new feature that's only supported for
At the moment I'm thinking about an internal change to improve the Plugin Interface, one of the side-effects would be that it'd be possible to include your request.
Frankly I don't have the time at the moment to write the C2/author support at the moment (even when I have to admitt that such a feature would help me with my reading too).

So I have to suggestions for you:
1. You find someone who's able to implement the download function as JavaScript+RegEx Plugin with the additional C2/Author Support. Then I'd change the plugininterface accordingly
2. You write a script (e.g. with a simple scripting language like AutoHotKey or AutoIt) which graps the links from a C2/Author page and pasts them into a .txt file. This file can be read by FFDL.

So, and now it looks like I've mixed answering a email and answering your question.

To get back top your question:
It'd be possible to display a dialog with a multi-line input field where you can past your links one per line and then press a "download all" button.
The "download this story" button next to a link is too much work.


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