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Proxy for url

Posted: Sun 15. Jan 2012, 02:50
by DukeBrymin
One of the things I'd love to see is the re-addition of a proxy capability. One of my computers is on a proxied network, and I can't use the new FFDownloader there--I'm stuck with using 4.0.5.

Anyway, thanks for a great piece of software, whether or not we get proxy support.

Re: Proxy for url

Posted: Fri 8. Jun 2012, 19:14
by zeek17
Second that. Not sure about URL part, but being able to use proxy is usefull thing.

I for example can't read fics from other waythan through webproxy. I've tried different providers and different computers and nothing works. And 'coz FFDownloader can't use proxy, I can't save fics either.

Re: Proxy for url

Posted: Fri 8. Jun 2012, 20:49
by Raimond

I don't have the time to implement the proxy feature with Configuration GUI and storage at the moment. I'll do it during summer.

For now I could offer you a version with the hardcoded proxy information in it.

If you send me the proxydata then I'll upload a version for you.


Re: Proxy for url

Posted: Sat 9. Jun 2012, 07:41
by zeek17
Considering most proxy don't last more than couple days, and those that not can become blacklisted.. no point. I'll wait till summer then.

Thanks for concern and your work on FFDonloader.

Re: Proxy for url

Posted: Tue 12. Jun 2012, 00:47
by DukeBrymin
No worries. I can wait for this feature too. But thanks for getting it onto the future features list!