HTML at PochetBook

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HTML at PochetBook

Post by zeek17 » Fri 30. Dec 2011, 12:29

Good.. whatever part of day is.
When FFDownloader saves fics (at least from; from other sites I download them rarely), it doesn't put <br> tag at the end of summary. Because of that fic displays in the PocketBoot wrong. Arrhh, don't know how to say it right, english is still foreign for me. Long story short, summary should be at first page; it is not. Instead it sticks at the beginning of name of first chapter.
And I think it'll be better, if FFDownloader'll put <p> tag at the beginning and the end of paragraph if there is any missing. Because sometimes there is missing tag at first paragraph, and because of that it sticks at the end of chaptername.

PS. And please put <style>p {text-align:justify;}</style> in the head of HTML file. That have nothing to do with PocketBook, but looks nicer at PC.

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Re: HTML at PochetBook

Post by Raimond » Thu 9. Feb 2012, 07:17


there should be a laxout.html file in the main folder of the fanfictiondownloader.

Feel free to modify it as you need it.

If you mess it up: Delete it, download a story and the standardfile is created automatically again.


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