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Request site: (Done)

Posted: Sat 11. Jun 2011, 16:45
by Esus
Would it be possible for to be added to the sites FanFictionDownloader can copy from?

P.S.: Thanks a ton for this program! It's made saving fan fiction stories so much more convenient than what I was doing before.

Re: Request site: (Done)

Posted: Fri 17. Jun 2011, 23:08
by Raimond

it's written an will be available with the next release (So the version after 0.3.2 - At the moment it looks like it'll be named 0.4)


Re: Request site: (Done)

Posted: Wed 22. Jun 2011, 02:41
by Esus
Awesome! Thanks for doing that. is a site that's barely hanging on and every year it could just disappear. This will allow me to efficiently save any stories from that site before they're gone. Thanks again!