0.6.7 Fanfiction.net file name problems (Fixed)

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0.6.7 Fanfiction.net file name problems (Fixed)

Post by joecheung1 » Sat 7. Jul 2012, 23:21

I notice some problems in the file name of the fanfic when it save a story into epub format.
It stared in version 0.6.6 and it seems that it carried over into the new version 0.6.7.

The first problem is that stories with more than one genre will not appear in the file name:
AnimeMaster24 - Konoha's Mightiest Disciple - [07042012]
The Infamous Man - FateZero Sense - [07042012]

The other problem rarely occurs but sometime the date will not appear in a file name:
Hawthorne2 - Cynical - Harry Potter []
Jurai Knight - Temporal Thunder - Kimagure Orange Road []

Thanks for the great program.

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Re: 0.6.7 Fanfiction.net file name problems

Post by hi5kba » Thu 12. Jul 2012, 10:14

I noticed this to stories that I'm downloading don't show the update Date and are marked as incomplete when in actual fact their marked as complete on Fanfiction.net


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Re: 0.6.7 Fanfiction.net file name problems

Post by Raimond » Sun 22. Jul 2012, 16:37

Fixed it.

Will be published with version 0.6.8 (or maybe it'll be called 0.7.0)


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