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config & Calibre

Posted: Mon 21. May 2012, 15:38
by alaska
I have been using the 0.5.0 version without Calibre in the past. Simply saving files as .html

Now before upgrading to 0.6.0, I decided to install Calibre. After that, the old FFD version was deleted and I installed the new 0.6.0 version. However, the “Calibre: path to eBook convert” is still blanked and I am not able to convert files.
I have already tried several times to install the 0.6.0 version again (in a different folder, with Calibre port. and without) but nothing will help. The config doesn't give me the option to connect with Calibre.
The output-path is also pre-set to my old settings under 0.5.0. Even if I cut&paste the output-folder elsewhere or delete it, it will still show up in the config or give me a different option.

I have also used the CCleaner after deleting FFD 0.5.0, just to make sure.
I have done all this with Admin rights on a WinXP system.

Has anyone got an idea how to fix this? Any help would be welcome.
Thank you.

Re: config & Calibre

Posted: Wed 23. May 2012, 10:05
by Raimond
Hi Alaska,

The option where you can set the clibrepath is not used anymore (i think since version 0.4).

There are two possibilities: 8I'm assuming that you are using windows)
You've downloaded the ~50MB installer and the setup worked without problem. (or the ~50Mb zip file)
Then FFDL and Calibre are installed into the folder that you've selected.
e.g. C:\PRogrammFiles\FanfictionDownloader
in this case, there's a subfolder called "Calibre Portable"
If FFDL detects this subfolder, then it uses calibre within this folder to convert the stories.
So no need to set a path anymore.

You've downloaded the ~5MB zip/exe file.
In this case FFDL detects that there is no Clibre in the subfolder. So it uses a normal cmd call to convert the stories.
This requires that you've !!installed!! Calibre yourself. A portale version is not enough.

If you delete the output folder on the harddisk, then you have to reconfigure it in FFDL!!!

Ways to test the functionallity:
1. Set the output path to an existing folder
2. Set the format to "HTML"
3. Download
4. Check if the file was downloaded
5. Set the format to "PDF"
6. Download
7. Check if the file was downloaded

So, which of these steps are working and which aren't?


Re: config & Calibre

Posted: Fri 25. May 2012, 22:23
by alaska
Hi Rai

Thanks for the reply. I will try to explain better.

1. I've downloaded and installed Calibre
2. I've downloaded and installed FFDL (~5 MB exe version)
3. I start FFDL with admin rights and press "config"
4. Menu -> config: calibre path is blanked ("not needed anymore")
"Not set"
I cannot reconfig this.
5. Menu -> config: I set output path to new folder "My Documents/FFDL"
6. I download HTML:
File has been saved.
7. I download EPUB/PDF:
Download stops at 50% and doesn't finish.

I have tried these steps with the ~50 MB version, but I get the same results.
Am I missing a step or something?

Thanks for your help.

Re: config & Calibre

Posted: Fri 25. May 2012, 23:02
by Raimond

no, you are missing nothing, that's how I'm using the program myself.

For testing purpose: Could you create a folder in the root directory of your Harddisk, e.g. c:\test and use it as output folder.

Would it be possible to connect to your PC directly by using TeamViewer? Then I could check it myself.
But we should talk direktly by mail then.