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Error Message Each time closed

Posted: Mon 5. Mar 2012, 05:42
by rika24
everytime i close the program i gat an error message saying that the program stopped working. i've never gotten this before until i downloaded 5.1. is it possible to download the 5.0 version again?

Re: Error Message Each time closed

Posted: Sun 18. Mar 2012, 22:53
by RedneckDrow
Well, it doesn't exactly affect the program's function, but it is a slight annoyance. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Funny thing is, it only happens on the Windows version. I actually get slightly better performance on Linux Mint 12, the program actually looks much more polished, and my download seems to work faster with large stories.

Re: Error Message Each time closed

Posted: Thu 12. Apr 2012, 14:57
by Raimond

the next version (0.6.0) will have some changed in the destructor part. Maybe that'll fix the problem.
I've tried it with Win XP, 7(32) and 7(64) and didn't get a problem when closing the program. (So I can't test the fix)

There are two parts which determins the speed of the program:
1. Downloading of all chapters. (Depends on your Internetconnection)
2. Converting the files (That's done by calibre, maybe the linuxversion is faster)


Re: Error Message Each time closed

Posted: Sat 21. Apr 2012, 23:19
by cwoelkers
I'm gonna toss this out there because I have a similar problem with 0.5.1, albeit with a Linux OS, OpenSuSE 12.1 to be exact.
When I close the program, whether or not something has been downloaded, the message "Segmentation fault" pops up in the console.
For the most part, about 80% of the time, I don't have any other issues. However sometimes after I have downloaded one fanfic, from, and I try to download another fic, from the same site, the program will freeze. This happens when I use the Check button or the Check & Download button.