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Summary? (Solved/not an FFDL bug)

Posted: Sat 25. Feb 2012, 13:58
by ypatt
Some time during the evening of February 23, the summaries stopped appearing on downloaded stories. Is this something that is fixable? I really appreciated that feature.

Also, a while back (perhaps in the earlier version), stories started downloading with single line breaks at the end of a paragraph so all the paragraphs ran together. My workaround is that when I download a story, I run an additional macro which replaces all the ^P with two ^P marks and that makes the story appear readable. I don't know if anyone else is having this minor issue, but I thought I'd let you know.

Thanks for all your hard work! It makes my life so much better. :D

Re: Summary?

Posted: Sat 25. Feb 2012, 14:46
by Raimond

the Summary problem is fixed with version 0.5.1, please update.

Line break: I need more informations
1. Some storylinks with this problem
2. Which output format are you using?
3. Are you using the portable version or the "small" 5MB version? (Win/Linux/Mac?)
4. Which Calibre Version?


Re: Summary?

Posted: Sun 26. Feb 2012, 17:11
by ypatt
Thanks, I updated to the newest version and the summaries are back.

For the line break problem, it may not be a problem for others but I find it difficult to read. Download any story as a *.RTF file. I used as a sample. I'm uploading a screenprint so you can see what I mean. (I also added a note about an extra space before each line in the header... that is just me being picky and because I am a little OCD, I usually remove each space manually. :D This extra space only started appearing a few weeks ago, maybe in version 0.5.0?) The second attachment is the same sample but with the paragraph marks turned on. After downloading a *.RTF file, I run a macro which replaces all the single paragraph marks with double marks and then deletes all the TABS at the beginning of each paragraph. I'm not sure if others enjoy this feature but I find it difficult to read since so many paragraphs in fanfic are just one sentence lines.

In regards to your other questions, I am using the "small" 5MB version of FFDownloader and version 0.8.40 of Calibre, though I just upgraded to 0.8.41 this morning.

Please let me know if you need any more info!
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Re: Summary?

Posted: Thu 12. Apr 2012, 15:11
by Raimond

both problems are caused by calibre.

The paragraph problem is an old one, I've reported it two years ago but it's still not fixed.

The extraspace could be a new problem, try it with the newest version of calibre. If it's still there--> Report it (