Errors galore (Closed)

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Errors galore (Closed)

Postby titanzeon » Mon 13. Jun 2011, 03:52

First problem for the last couple of versions I have been unable to copy and paste the url into the bar on the downloader

second problem when I type in the url manualy I get this
Download chapter 1-0
author round #F6F7E
and this comes up in a seperate window
start chapter must be > =1
start chapter must be smaller/equal Endchapter#
Endchapter# must be smaller/equal maximum chapter#

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Re: Errors galore

Postby pookakitten » Tue 14. Jun 2011, 03:38

You get something like that when the link is no longer valid.

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Re: Errors galore

Postby RedneckDrow » Tue 14. Jun 2011, 18:02

It would be nice if you could post the link, so everyone could test it out. Also paste the link into your web browser, if it's a link, it will tell you if the story still exists or not. If it works in the browser, come back and we can help.

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Re: Errors galore

Postby titanzeon » Fri 17. Jun 2011, 17:43

um I was typing the link with the story on my browser

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Re: Errors galore

Postby Raimond » Fri 17. Jun 2011, 23:03


Copy& Past should be working. (Past is automated with 0.3.2)

I'm always testing with because it's easy to remember and fast to write


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