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Posted: Wed 2. Mar 2011, 02:06
by mem4375
Hi -
Thanks for this tool. I only tried it once before, with the prior version and it worked perfectly. I tried to install the latest version, and when I click on it to use it I get a message telling me that I need to click on Menu and Configuration to install Calibre and a folder to store the downloaded ebooks. However, when I click on the menu, and I click on the "..." under Calibre, it says file not found for Calibre2. It doesn't prompt me to do anything so I don't understand what I am supposed to do to download this Calibre. When I attempt to download a fanfiction story, it gets to 97% and then never moves past it.

Can you advise?


Re: Installing/Downloading

Posted: Wed 2. Mar 2011, 02:43
by mem4375
Never mind, I think I solved it. I downloaded Calibre off its website and then used that path under the menu configuration. However, now I have a new problem. When I download the story as a pdf, it shows up fine on the C drive, and when I copy and paste into my kindle documents folder, it shows up fine on the computer screen. But when I go to read it on the kindle, it says the document is 354 pages, but the text stops midway through page 5. I deleted it and recopied it, and the same thing happens. Obviously it downloaded fine with your tool (thank you!), but there must be an issue when it gets transferred over to the kindle. Any ideas?

Re: Installing/Downloading

Posted: Wed 2. Mar 2011, 04:30
by pookakitten
Can't say anything about how they look on the kindle, but PDF files are iffy on my Sony Reader. I avoid them whenever I can.

I think the Kindle is happiest with MOBI files--just tell ffdl to create them.

Re: Installing/Downloading

Posted: Sun 6. Mar 2011, 16:31
by Raimond

pdf and ebook readers is always a bad idea since the pdf format wasn't scalable designed.

If you own a sony ebook reader: use ePub
Kindle users: use .mobi