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Posted: Fri 25. Feb 2011, 02:53
by Ouatic-7
First, let me say I have been using FanFictionDownloader for a couple of years now and it's been dead awesome.

However, 0.1.0 won't work at all for me.

I don't use Calibre so the Calibre box is checked. I set the download path to c:/kindle which is an existing directory and left the output file name at the default.

On the main screen I've tried two links: ... _Monologue -- this has one chapter -- this has five chapters

For both test links, "Check" or "Check & Download" return a start chapter of "1" and an end chapter of "0". If I force the end chapter to the correct value and "Download fanfiction" I get the error:

Startchapter # must be >= 1
Startchapter # must be smaller/equal Endchapter #
Endchapter # must be smaller/equal maximum chapter #

In other words, the app won't let me download at all. I have to uninstall and go back to the previous version.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Re: Downloading

Posted: Fri 25. Feb 2011, 06:45
by pookakitten
If you're using any format other than HTML, you need to install Calibre. If you're just using the HTML, uncheck the "Use calibre" box.

I love Calibre--it's so much better than the default program my Sony came with. I only use the Sony software if I'm borrowing a book from the library because I have to use it to authorize the book.

I also tested your links and they worked like a charm for me.

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Posted: Fri 25. Feb 2011, 10:19
by Raimond
Hi Ouatic,

The program gets all important information after you've clicked "Check".
If you get an endchapter# of 0 then this means that it didn't get the informations needet.

The links you've provided are ok, I'm also able to download both stories (and I've also tried it without Calibre)

Now there could be several reasons, please try the following tips:
- Disable your Firewall and try it again
- Run the Programm as Administrator and try again
- Try to download this story: (Copy the link exactly as it is)

What's diaplayed below the progressbar? is it "You are using the newest version...." or is it "couldn't check version"?


Re: Downloading

Posted: Sat 26. Feb 2011, 00:26
by Ouatic-7

I tweaked the firewall and now the app works like a charm! (It's a new firewall and I still haven't gotten used to having to give it permissions...)

I do love the new feature where I can specify the output file name. I have directories for each author which I can now point to automatically. Its sweet!

My Kindle didn't come with any software to make "books". I just use Mobipocket Creator off the mobi site which creates prc files. I've looked at Calibre but it always seemed like overkill.

Re: Downloading

Posted: Sat 26. Feb 2011, 02:11
by pookakitten
My Sony only came with software to put books on and off the Reader, and boy does the software stink. I hate using it when I'm required to by the public library's DRM. Calibre does not touch DRM in any way, shape or form. I haven't bought any books for my Sony so haven't had to deal with DRM there.

If you install Calibre and just leave it alone, fanfictiondownloader can create your MOBI files without any extra work from you.

I quickly found Calibre and yes, it is very features heavy and a bit daunting but it does the job for me. It works flawlessly with my Sony Reader. I use the series and tag capabilities to organize my book collection. Using the series column, I can have books show up in the order I specify on the reader's "collection" feature. I read a lot of manga scanlations on my reader which Calibre puts into a format my reader likes.

On the fan fiction front, I learned how to get Calibre to change the formatting so it is more like a book's. It's much easier for me to read that way. I also added custom columns to note if a story is complete and my reading status (yes, no, in progress).

Well, that's how I use Calibre. YMMV of course. :)