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Problems with version 4.0.6

Posted: Mon 22. Nov 2010, 18:51
by smnu399
Hi, I'm having problems with using FFDownloader with
On the end of each chapter there is somethink like this:

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<a class='positive' onClick='select_drop("review");' href='#'>Review this Chapter       <FORM name=myselect> 			 				 				<SCRIPT type='text/javascript'>  var storyid = 6156941;  var chapter = 18;  var chapters = 18;  var words = 66049;  var userid = 1925848;  var title = 'Bad+News+Bella';  var title_t = 'Bad News Bella';  var summary = 'Her glass is half empty. His is half full. Together they may just cause an overabundance of…liquids. Seattle_#1 anchor and her new cameraman may be perfect for each other; if only the truth could be caught on film. ExB – AH - M';  var categoryid = 2458;  var cat_title = 'Twilight';  var datep = '07-19-10';  var dateu = '11-20-10';  var author = '107yearoldvirgin';    function select_drop(sel_value) {  var rev = 0;  var logind = '';  var review_url = '/review.php?storyid='+storyid+'&chapter='+chapter+'&storytextid=22620519';  var toast;  if(sel_value == 'review') {  	toast = xwindow(logind+'/review.php?storyid='+storyid+'&chapter='+chapter+'&storytextid=22620519',560,470);  }  else if (sel_value == 'abuse') {  	toast = xwindow(logind+'/report.php?categoryid='+categoryid+'&chapter='+chapter+'&storyid='+storyid+'&title='+title,560,510);  }  else if (sel_value == 'c2') { 	toast = xwindow(logind+'/c2_addstory.php?action=add&storyid='+storyid,560,470);  }  else if (sel_value == 'fs') {  	toast = xwindow(logind+'/fav_add.php?add_favstory=1&storyid='+storyid,560,470);  }  else if (sel_value == 'fa') {  	toast = xwindow(logind+'/fav_add.php?add_favauthor=1&storyid='+storyid,560,470);  }  else if (sel_value == 'aa') {  	toast = xwindow(logind+'/fav_add.php?add_authoralert=1&storyid='+storyid,560,470);  }  else if (sel_value == 'sa') {   toast = xwindow(logind+'/fav_add.php?add_storyalert=1&storyid='+storyid,560,470);  } } 				</SCRIPT> 				<select name=opt title='story actions'> 				<option value=abuse>Report Possible Abuse 				<option value=fs selected>Add Story to Favorites 				<option value=sa>Add Story to Story Alert 				<option value=fa>Add Author to Favorites 				<option value=aa>Add Author to Author Alert 				<option value=c2>Add Story to Community 				</select> 				<input type=button value=Go onClick='select_drop(document.myselect.opt.options[document.myselect.opt.selectedIndex].value)'> 				 				<TD ALIGN=RIGHT><INPUT TYPE=BUTTON Value=' < Prev ' onClick="self.location='/s/6156941/17/Bad_News_Bella'"> <SELECT title='chapter navigation' Name=chapter onChange="self.location = '/s/6156941/'+ this.options[this.selectedIndex].value + '/Bad_News_Bella';"><option value=1 >1. Preface<option value=2 >2. Seattle's Sweet Tart<option value=3 >3. Muff and Wang Go To the Fair<option value=4 >4. Trip, Fall and Leap<option value=5 >5. Eternal Sunshine of a Conflicted Mind<option value=6 >6. The Short Second Life<option value=7 >7. Egg Sandwiches for the Sex Starved Soul<option value=8 >8. Vagazzled<option value=9 >9. Lights, Camera, Sacktion<option value=10 >10. What, what?<option value=11 >11. Fig Newton's Law<option value=12 >12. BangerWang!<option value=13 >13. He's Just Not That In You<option value=14 >14. Theories and Queries<option value=15 >15. Infectious Affections<option value=16 >16. Either Way It Starts With 'A'<option value=17 >17. A Bajillion Little Pieces<option value=18 selected>18. Epilogue: Apples Fall From Trees</select>  			 		</form> 		
<a href='#top'>Return to Top 				<script type='text/javascript'> 				$.xStore.load('/static/flash/jstore.swf');			 				function flash_ready(){ 					$.xStore.flash_ready(); 				} 				$.xStore.ready(function(){ 					xbookmark_load(); 					$().ready(function() { 						xb_story = 1; 						xbload(); 					}); 				}); 				</script> 				 		<script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-4098224-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {}</script>
There had been this kind of problems before but were quickly solved.
I hope this time will be the same. It's not big but it's a little bit annoying.

Re: Problems with version 4.0.6

Posted: Mon 22. Nov 2010, 22:15
by Raimond
please use the new Version if possible (0.0.i at the moment).
Some users complained about Calibre. At the moment I'm testing a webbased version: Enter storylink and format and you'll get the story as download after 60 seconds. and then "Webbased Version experimental" changed serval times someting in their code. The surprising part is: Now it's back to what it has been. So version 4.0.5 should work again!


Re: Problems with version 4.0.6

Posted: Mon 22. Nov 2010, 23:26
by smnu399
Well i kind of prefer the old version 4.0.X so i would like to use 4.0.5 version. Where can i download it?

edit: already found it and it works perfectly. Thank you!