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by Ceya931
Sun 10. Jun 2012, 02:38
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Multiple Chapters?
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Re: Multiple Chapters?

If you take the epub file the program spits out and rename it so that the file extension is "zip" instead of "epub", you can open it like a regular zip file (on most computers, just like a file). All of the chapters should be inside, saved as individual html files. You can open them individually, or...
by Ceya931
Sun 10. Jun 2012, 02:34
Forum: Version 0.6.*
Topic: Updates issue (answered)
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Updates issue (answered)

Everything works fine when I have the current version of the program, but as soon as I am one update behind, the chapters I download are blank. The TOC structure is there, and there is a page per chapter, but there is no content. I use Win7, and downloaded the Calibre plug-in version. This has happe...