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by evilbeing
Wed 6. Feb 2013, 16:57
Forum: Bugs and Problems
Topic: Tester for next version
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Re: Tester for next version

Hello, just a quick question. Is this beta update newer than the 0.7.2 verson? If not, I will test it. There seems no be a password for checking updates. I assume that is there on purpose.
by evilbeing
Fri 25. Feb 2011, 19:23
Forum: News
Topic: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)
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Re: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

Thanks for the update :) It has fixed the problem of being stuck at 96%. I also like the 'check for updates' feature, good work!
by evilbeing
Fri 4. Feb 2011, 21:50
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Request - Rating
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Request - Rating

Hello, Can you please add the rating (G,T,M etc.) to the list of story details in the beginning of the document. I have a special index which lets me search different things and I can search different ratings and would find it really helpful! Even if you could add an options page where you can selec...