The newest version is 0.8.13.

Notice: The current version of Googles Chrome-Browser wrongly blocks the download of the windows installer (.exe) of FFDL. Please use an other browser like Firefox/IE/Safari/Opera for downloading or refer to the Google support Page for information about changing the security setting temporarily.

Downloadtype Operating System Size Direct Download Manual
FanFictionDownloader.exe Microsoft® Windows® ~55MB Download -
FanFictionDownloader.dmg MAC® OSX® ~40MB Download Manual Linux (Ubuntu 64Bit)
(Requires QT5.4.1 or later)
~4.MB Download -

Other Windows packages

Use these downloads ONLY if you know what you are doing!!!!! Othervise use the installer thats linked above. Changelog
FanFictionDownloader.exe (~55 MB)
FanFictionDownloader.exe (~13 MB) (Requires an installed version of Calibre on your PC) (~77 MB) (~17 MB) (Requires an installed version of Calibre on your PC)